Anthony Season 4
Anthony Lombardi
New Jersey

Anthony Lombardi is a straight, married hairstylist. He first got into the beauty business to meet girls. Anthony took a gig at the Gatsby while his salon undergoes its own makeover. He might not love the female drama swirling around him, but he's definitely no pushover.


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FASHION PHILOSOPHY: "Classic. I try not to be trendy. Trends come and go, but classics will never go way."

FAVORITE DESIGNERS: "I've been wearing a lot of Pal Zileri, who I discovered a couple years ago. He's an Italian designer who makes fantastic high-end stuff."

GROOMING ESSENTIALS: "I'm a product junkie, although you wouldn't know it. I really love Jack Black products. They have some great head moisturizers. The Truefitt & Hill shaving line is fantastic. Those are probably the two lines that I have been having the most fun with lately."

WARDROBE STAPLE: "Sport jackets! It's different with guys. Girls can change a complete outfit, but with a guy, altering his appearance can be something as simple as wearing a different jacket. A guy can wear the same pants and the same shirt, but when he changes the jacket up, it changes his whole look and the way he feels. I just like the way I feel when I have a sport jacket on. I feel more elegant, even if it's just dinner with me and my wife."

SEASONAL LOOKS: "Believe it or not, in the summertime, I love to wear a lot of white. I think white always looks crisp. Then in the fall/winter time, I like to wear colors."

COLORFUL CLOSET: "I tend to like colors, and I know a lot of guys don't. I don't know if it's being in this female dominated world. In my industry, I'm either surrounded with females or gay guys. So, I really learn the sense of style through them. I really embrace color and I love to wear color because I think it makes you feel better."

ACCESSORIES RULE: "Less is more. Guys have a tendancy to over accessorize. As for me, I wear my pinky ring, my watch, and my cross pendant. That's it. I think guys should just keep it simple when it comes to accessories."