Gaga for Glam
Season 2, Episode 14
Air date December 12, 2010
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War On The Gatsby Floor
Date Night

This episode starts out with you looking at a bunch of clients sitting their with wet hair. It then later zooms in to Anthony walking like a cowboy announcing that it is "Blowout Bootcamp Day" it is then shown that he is helping the ladies learn how to properly blow out there hair. Later he goes over and appolizeges to Olivia's client. The client asks if they have any makeup classes. Olivia gets the idea for a makeup class called Gaga for Glam. It then shows Tracy, Briella, and Alexa walking down the streets of Hoboken. Alexa sees a dress in the shop and decides to have a flash mob. Frankie's mom asks him how his proposal went the night before but he tells her about how Gigi doesn't wanna go down to the fountain. Olivia and Briella get in a fight when Olivia asks if she has her lightning bolt ring. Olivia tells Gayle about her makeup class and Gayle accepts. Alexa is thinking about the dance moves and Tracy maps out the dance. Frankie and Gigi are eating at a resturant and they decide to take a cooking class.If you notice you see two people from the makeup class there. Olivia and Briella are at a diner and Briella tells her that she is deciding to move out. Alexa is teaching the brides the steps of the dance while Briella and Tracy are working on the hair. Tracy goes to the location where the flash mob happens but calls Alexa because it is too crowded so Tracy finds another location. Students are starting too arive at Olivia's makeup class including guys. Alexa's flash mob evadually happens at a much quieter street. Olivia is teaching her students crazy ways too do makeup. It turned out the class was profitable. Frankie sets up a table in the back at a cooking place. But, Frankie decides not to propose because of the two annoying people cooking next to them because the ruined the mood. Briella is shown leaving but on the way down another fight stirs uo because Tracy is in the parking lot. Fillipo is showing people at the Gatsby Alexa's video. At the Glam Factory it turns out that the video has 127 hits in only 15 minutes.