Gayle Season 4
Gayle Giacomo
New Jersey

Gayle Giacomo is the Owner/Manager of the Gatsby Salon. Gayle's second husband was the Gatsby's original owner; when he passed away from a sudden heart attack, Gayle took over the business and renovated it for 2 years.


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Gayle is the mother of Christy. Gayle is also related to Frank Sinatra by marriage.


FASHION PHILOSOPHY: "My style is sexy, but elegant."

FAVORITE DESIGNERS: "I really do love most of Dolce & Gabbana's stuff. Their dresses just fit me extremely well. They make me look more elegant, but they still make me look sexy as an older woman. I also really love Lanvin."

SHOPPING HABIT: "I have a big obsession with dresses and shoes. Shoes are a big thing for me. I love Lanvin shoes and Christian Louboutin. I like really high shoes."

GREEN WITH STYLE: "I love wearing green, and it goes well with my copper hair. Green is one of my favorites."

BEAUTY SECRETS: "I use a lot of false eyelashes. I love MAC and Stila makeup. SkinCeuticals is really amazing. Their line of products is the next best thing to going to a dermatologist or seeing a plastic surgeon."

FALL WARDROBE STAPLES: "I love the short little fur vests that are out this season. I love boots. There's not one thing I don't love. I just love clothes. That's kind of like my hobby, I guess—shopping and dressing nice."