Tracy-Season 4
Tracy Dimarco
New Jersey

Tracy Dimarco is an up-and-coming hairstylist who has achieved success after less than two years in the business. Sparks usually fly whenever she is around. She's also been known to often have a feud going on with her fellow worker Olivia. Tracy would like to own her own salon and do hair for runway. Tracy also has a job as a apprentice for a local New Jersey magzine.


Season 1Edit

Tracy interviewed for a job as a hairdresser for the newly-renovated Gatsby Salon. She was in the running along with another hairdresser, Teresa. At the reopening, Tracy excelled, while Teresa didn't and Tracy got the job. However, her arch-enemy, Olivia was hired as a make-up artist at the salon.

Throughout the first season, Tracy and Olivia battle it out. Tracy called her boyfriend over to the salon to get under Olivia's skin. When Tracy passed out invitations to her co-workers to attend her birthday party, she didn't pass one to Olivia. To get back at her, Olivia decided to throw a party and passed out invitations as well. This fueled Tracy's fire and the two duked it outside of the salon. After Anthony separated them, they were called to Gayle's office. She forced them to be on their professional behavior and not talk about parties.

On a trip to New York, Tracy and Olivia were made under by Tracomi from Warren-Tracomi Salon. But before she and Olivia met up with Gayle and Alexa, they dressed back to their Jersey style.

Season 2Edit

Tracy has changed her hair color, but her conflict with Olivia remained the same.

Season 3Edit

To Be Added

Season 4Edit

Tracy and fellow hairdresser, Gigi find themselves unemployed after Gayle fired them.


SIGNATURE ITEM: "I love long sleeves, especially giant bell sleeves or little balloon sleeves with the cuff. I'm not really into things without sleeves. In the summer, I wear loose, flowy ones. I love the look of sleeves because there are so many different kinds that you can have fun with. I have a dress with bell sleeves that are like 3-feet-wide."

PRETTY WOMAN: "Over-the-knee boots are my thing. I don't wear any boots that aren't thigh-high. I have a thing with my knees being out, like I don't have bad knees or anything, I just like the look of it. It's hooker chic. I have them in every color. I must have 45 pairs. I'll wear them with dresses and jeggings or jeans. I never really wear them with leggings, just cause it looks like a cat suit then."

GOING GREEN: "My favorite color of all time is green. Jungle greens and lime greens...I love them all. Green is such a beautiful color. And it's my eye color, without the contacts. I love green with red, which reminds me of Posion Ivy. My hair is red. I think the combo is fun."

THUMBS DOWN ON UPDOS: "I have a small head and big thighs, so wearing my hair down and voluminous evens that out. I would rock an updo if it was really teased, curled everywhere and pinned instead of pulled back."

PRESERVING BEAUTY: "I get Botox now, for preventative reasons. I get things here and there that would help stop wrinkles. But I don't think I'll ever get a facelift. That kind of freaks me out, that they have to move your skin."


  • Tracy refuses to celebrate Valentines Day because one of her ex-boyfriends dumped her on that day.
  • She had blonde hair in the first season, then darken her hair in the second season.